Our Process

01 Opportunity Sourcing

We search for opportunities best-suited to benefit from a specific element of our expertise, company needs, or professional reputation.

Market Knowledge - We only pursue properties in markets where we live and work.

Diverse Expertise - Our background in office, retail, industrial, hospitality, and multifamily allows us to pursue different asset classes depending on the current market.

Network - Relationships with business owners, property owners, brokers, lenders, and other partners often provide access to opportunities not otherwise widely available.

02 Investment Analysis

We employ rigorous underwriting standards and a conservative approach to insure our investments support our primary goals of capital protection and growth.

Having a small, versatile, and multi-dimensional team with experience and some degree of expertise at nearly every stage of the typical real estate project life cycle is a critical competitive advantage for our firm.

Analysis - We identify the risk-reward elements of a potential investment.

Expertise - When an opportunity requires knowledge in a particular expertise, our staff can rely on our trusted network of longtime strategic professional partners.

Oversight - Our managing principals personally oversee every step of the underwriting process.

03 Property Acquisition

From the outset, our firm's choice to build longstanding relationships with the best professional specialists has helped us earn an excellent reputation for execution. These partners provide invaluable expertise in critical deal elements like financing, legal, environmental, construction, leasing, and the entitlement process.

Financing - Our firm's longstanding relationship with lenders and our reputation for a thoughtful, conservative approach to debt help generate attractive leveraged returns.

Legal - Our team works with some of the best legal professionals in each respective market.

Reputation - We approach every deal with the intention to close and have a track record of consistent execution.

04 Strategy

Our management team invests almost exclusively using internal capital. Our primary business is not transaction or fee-based, allowing us to patiently pursue a broad variety of potential opportunities. Deals we pursue often include one or more of the following characteristics:

Below Market Lease Rates - Identifying below-market rental rates that can be significantly improved in the near to mid-term through more proactive management and leasing.

Physical Obsolescence - Opportunities that require significant physical repositioning.

Generational Assets - Best-in-class properties that rarely come up for sale that we would like to buy and hold forever.

Tax Efficiency - Acquisitions and partnership structures are designed to maximize tax efficiency.

05 Ongoing Support

Our firm has a uniquely long-term perspective in which our investment horizon is 20+ years. We sometimes sell assets opportunistically, but our primary goal is assembling a strong portfolio to own and manage indefinitely.

Our team manages every stage of the real estate lifecycle, including acquisition, construction, property management, asset management, accounting, leasing, and disposition.

Continuity - Stakeholders are able to work with the same team throughout every stage of a project or property, which can often continue for years.

Accountability - Our small, multi-dimensional staff cannot hide behind any layers of bureaucracy.

Transparency - As long-term owners and operators, transparency is in our best interest because it helps build trust and foster relationships with our stakeholders.